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What is the Safeguarding Children Board?

The board brings together representatives from various agencies and organisations in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire to work in partnership to protect children and young people in our city. By sharing our expertise and best practice we can make sure that children, young people and their families have access to the right support and services they need. Safeguarding children is everyone's responsibility.

What do we do?
The Safeguarding Children Board will generate more effective safeguarding arrangements throughout the city to make sure that work to protect children and young people from harm, is properly co-ordinated and effective. This is our primary function. All partner agencies will work in partnership to:

  • protect children and young people from maltreatment;
  • prevent children's and young people's health or development being badly affected;
  • make sure that children and young people are growing up in circumstances where they are safe and get the care they need;
  • make sure children and young people have the best life chances, particularly in terms of staying safe;
  • make sure that lessons are learned by sharing best child protection and safeguarding practice generally; and
  • learn from events including when a child or young person dies, or suffers serious harm, where maltreatment is considered to have been a contributory factor. To view the following documents click on the links
  • Annual Report 2017- 2018
  • One Minute Guide to Stoke-on-Trent Safeguarding Children Board
  • Terms of Reference July 2019

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