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Procedure Manuals

Section A Policy Framework, principles and values

  • A0 Joint Position Statement
  • A01 Not in use
  • A02 Not in use
  • A03 Multi Agency Roles and Responsibilities
  • A04 Not in Use
  • A05 Joint Framework for the assessment of children in need and their families - a summary
  • A06 Joint Legal framework of child protection
  • A07 Joint Information Sharing Guidance for Practitioners
  • A08 Joint Glossary of Key Definitions and Acronyms
  • A09 Joint Open child protection policy

Section B The Safeguarding Children Board

  • B01 Not in use
  • B02 Not in use
  • B03 Safe recruitment, selection and supervision
  • B04 Training Strategy
  • B05 Not in use

Section C Managing individual cases – procedures

  • C01 Making a Referral
  • C02 Undertaking assessments and investigation
  • C03 Strategy discussion
  • C04 Not in use
  • C05 Initial child protection conferences
  • C06 The child protection plan
  • C07 Review child protection conferences 
  • C08 Appeals procedure
  • C09 Joint MARF
  • C09A MARF (Police only)
  • C10 Joint Bruises in non mobile babies and flowchart
  • C11 Supporting Children Subject to a Child Protection Plan - Ensuring Process

Section D Procedures for children in specific circumstances

  • Child Sexual Abuse Strategy - Joint with Staffordshire
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy - Joint with Staffordshire
  • Neglect Strategy
  • D01 Managing allegations against staff and volunteers working with children and young people (LADO)
  • D02 Children moving across boundaries West Midlands Policy
  • D03 Sexting
  • D04 Complex (organised or multiple) abuse
  • D05 Domestic violence and abuse
  • D06 Joint Fabricated or induced illness
  • D07 Forced marriages
  • D08 Children who run away or go missing from home or care
  • D09 Young Carers
  • D10 Responding to concerns about unborn children
  • D11 Private Fostering Statement
  • D12 E Safety
  • D13 Joint Concealed pregnancy and birth
  • D14 Children from Sexual Exploitation (Policy incorp action plan)

D14 A Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy - Interim Joint Staffs/Stoke-on-Trent 
D14 B Child Sexual Exploitation Matrix (word version) 
D14 C Completing the Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Factor Matrix Guidance Notes 
D14D Staffordshire Police CSE Information Report

  • D15 Neglect
  • D16 Not in use
  • D17 Working with highly resistant, uncooperative and hard to change families
  • D18 Children and young people in custody
  • D19 Safeguarding CYP Vulnerable to Violent Extremism
  • D20 A Joint Protocol to Reduce the Prosecution of Looked After Children (Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire County Council, City of Stoke-on-Trent, Youth Offending Service, CPS)

  Section E Individuals who pose a risk to children

  • E01 Risks posed by people with convictions for offences against children
  • E02 Staffordshire multi-agency risk assessment panel - operational protocol
  • E03 List of offences which can be used to identify those who present a risk, or potential risk, to children
  • E04 Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA)

Section F Guidance for children who may be particularly vulnerable

  • F01 Recording Incidents - Private and Voluntary Sector
  • F02 Number not in use
  • F03 A   Trafficked Children Guidance
  • F03 B   Trafficked Children Toolkit
  • F04 Safeguarding children from abroad (including child trafficking) 
  • F05 Child abuse linked to faith or religious beliefs
  • F06 Madrassah
  • F07 Children of drug misusing parents
  • F08 Abuse of children with a disability (under review)
  • F09 Joint Female genital mutilation
  • F10 Joint Safeguarding Sexually Active Young People
  • F11 Self Harm
  • F12 Not in use
  • F13 Not in use
  • F14 CYP who display sexualised behaviour and harmful sexual behaviour
  • F15 Not in use

Section G Escalation policy

  • G01 Not in use
  • G02 Resolving inter-agency disagreement protocol (ESCALATION POLICY)

Section H Rapid  Review

  • H01 Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (June 2019)

Section I Child Death

  • I01 Joint protocol Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDIC) guidance
  • I02 Child death overview panel

Section J Protocols

  • J01 Not in use
  • J02 Provision of therapy for child witnesses prior to a criminal trial (National Practice Guidance)
  • J03 Not in use 
  • J04 Not in use
  • J05 Media Protocol
  • J06 Neglect Protocol
  • J07 Photographic and filming policy

Section K Multi Agency Audit and Review Tools

  • K01 Multi agency case file review tool
  • K02 Chronology
  • K03 Pre-birth assessment audit tool
  • K03A Pre-birth assessment audit tool guidance

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