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Child Death Reviews

Click on the link to view the SCB Child Death Procedure Section I

Child Death Overview Panels - known as CDOP

This panel of multi-agency professionals are directed through legislation to gather statistics about all child deaths that occur. Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Children Safeguarding Boards have agreed to work in partnership and have a joint panel to do this work. The panel is supported by a panel administrator. Their role is to provide panel members with information about individual child deaths and collect and analyse the circumstances surrounding each child death.

The panel was set up in April 2008, to meet the local authorities responsibility to investigate all child deaths. Both boards have agreed to fund joint training for all appropriate professionals.

Child Death Overview Panel Annual Report - click on the link

How to respond to a sudden death of a pupil - Head-teacher experience is available under related files.

A guide for parents and carers is available under related files

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