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Meetings involving you

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Child Protection Conference

What is a child protection conference and I why should I attend?
A child protection conference is a meeting between you (if you want to go), your parents or carers, professionals that know you and your family, and a social worker. The conference is arranged because there have been some concerns raised about your safety and well being, and so the purpose of meeting (called the conference) is for everyone who is there to share information about what they know about any concerns they have.

For this reason, it is very important that you attend, because you are the most important person at the conference.

If you feel nervous about going, just let someone know. You can bring someone with you to support you (although this must be an adult). However, if you really feel that you can’t attend, then you can tell your social worker (or another professional attending the conference) what you want the conference to know, as it is very important that your feelings and wishes are shared.

What happens at a child protection conference?

Before the conference, your social worker will talk to you about the report they have written about you and just before the Conference starts, the person in charge (called the chairperson) will meet you to explain what happens at the Conference and answer any questions you may have.

The Conference is confidential and you will have your rights explained to you.

The professionals attending the conference will then be brought into the conference room. The chairperson will ask everyone to introduce themselves. Then all of the people at the Conference will:

  •  Read the social worker’s report
  •  Talk about their involvement with you and your family
  •  Talk about whether they think you are safe at the moment
  •  Talk about what they may need to do to protect you
  •  Listen to you and respect your feelings and views
  •  Decide if you need a Child Protection Plan

Child Protection Conference  - For further information there is a leaflet  to help you (Click here to view the document).

Therpay before a trail - For further information there is a leaflet to help you (Click here to view the document).

What if I don’t agree with what is being said?
The person in charge of the conference will make sure that you are given time to speak. So if you are not happy or don’t agree with the discussion at the conference, do not be afraid to make your views known or to get your supporter to speak for you.

What if I need to have a child protection plan?
A group of people will spend time helping you and your family to sort out your difficulties. They are called the core group. Their job is to write a Child Protection Plan that explains what each person has agreed to do to make things better for you. You should have a copy of the Plan, written in a way that you can understand.

What if I don’t need to have a child protection plan?
If you do not need a Child Protection Plan you can still have help and support. Your social worker will explain what help you can have to sort out some of the difficulties that you and your family have been experiencing.

Attendance at Court

If you need attend court as a witness there is a useful website called You&Co aimed at young people. 


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