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Safety over the holidays

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Keep safe over the holidays

Stay safe by following these tips:

  • Swimming pools are the safest places to swim – do not swim in quarries, lakes and pools
  • Never play with lighters or matches – fire is dangerous and can cost lives
  • Always use sun screens – the sun can burn the skin and cause permanent skin damage
  • Don’t play in dangerous places, i.e. climbing on factory roofs, on railway lines, etc.
  • Electricity and water do not mix – keep them separate. Take special care when fishing to ensure your fishing line doesn’t get caught on electric pylons
  • Pay attention when crossing the road – do not cross while using your mobile phone or listening to your i-pod
  • Always wear protective clothing whilst riding your bike – be seen, be safe


Winter Safety

Click here to view an "Ice Breaker" safety video

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