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Working with Families

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Working with Families
Very few adults harm children deliberately and most often, when harm does happen, families need support, not punishment or the removal of their children.

If a concern is reported to a social worker, they will have to make an assessment before deciding what to do next. However, we know that children are usually best cared for by their own families, and so the social worker will work in partnership with the family and other agencies to put in place any help that is required to enable this to happen.

Child in need of safeguarding
If parents or carers are unable to protect their child and their child is suffering from, or likely to suffer from significant harm, then social workers and other professionals will get involved to help to protect the child. In these circumstances, the child is considered to be a child in need of safeguarding.

Child in need
If parents or carers are unable to ensure that their child will achieve or maintain a reasonable standard of health and development, or the health and development of their child may be impaired, then Social workers and other professionals will also get involved to ensure that appropriate help is put in place to enable the child to fulfill their potential in terms of their health and development. In these circumstances, the child is considered to be a child in need.

Children and families needing some extra help
Sometimes, parents and carers just need a little bit of extra support to help them to look after their child/children, but they don’t fall into the above categories (child in need or child in need of safeguarding.)

If this is the case, professionals already involved with the child/family can help with this. The easiest and most effective way to identify the help that is needed is an Early Help Assessment.

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