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Are you concerned?

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Click on the link to view the Safeguarding Children Board procedures:

SCB Managing Individual Cases - procedure Section C

What should you do if you are concerned about the welfare of a child or young person?

It is good practice to discuss child protection/welfare concerns with, and seek advice from colleagues, managers, a designated or named professional or other agency. However, it is very important that you:

  • Never delay emergency action to protect a child/young person, including immediate medical intervention where necessary
  • Always record in writing concerns about a child/young person's welfare, whether or not further action is taken.
  • Always record in writing discussions about a child/young person's welfare.
  • At the close of a discussion, whether face-to-face or by telephone, always reach clear agreement, which must then be recorded, showing decisions about who will be taking what action, or that no further action will be taken.

Achieving good outcomes for children and young people requires all those with responsibility for assessment and the provision of services to work together in partnership and in line with an agreed plan of action. Everybody who works with children, young people, parents, carers and other adults in contact with children must be clear about:

  • Their roles and responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children/young people including being able to recognise, and know how to act upon indicators that a child/young person’s welfare or safety may be at risk.
  • The purpose of their activity, the decisions that are required at each stage of the process and what the planned outcomes are for the child/young person and their family
  • The legislative framework which is the basis for their work (refer to your Safeguarding policies and procedures).
  • The protocols to be followed including the way information will be shared across organisations and within agencies and be recorded.
  • Which organisation, team or professional has lead responsibility and the precise role of everyone involved?
  • What services are available locally?
  • How to gain access to services including specific referral criteria.
  • What sources of further advice and expertise are available including how to check if a child/young person is subject to an multi agency plan, who the Key Worker / Lead Worker is and how to contact them.
  • When and how to make a referral to Stoke-on-Trent, Children's Social Care.

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