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Level 2 Working Together

Level 2 - Multi Agency Working Together to Safeguard Children

ONE Day Course

Prior to attending this training course all applicants should have undertaken the Level 1: An Introduction to Safeguarding Children training within their own agency/organisation or as provided by the Safeguarding Children Board.


 Course Date

DAY 1 

DAY 2 

Last date for Cancellations 

February 2020

Tuesday 11
February 2020

No longer

Tuesday 28
January 2020

March 2020

Wednesday 18
March 2020

No longer

Wednesday 4
March 2020

Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre
Dawlish Drive

9.30am - 4pm

Course Outline

This two-day, multi-agency course is jointly planned and delivered by the Stoke-on-Trent Safeguarding Board Training Team. The training is delivered on a local basis to provide an opportunity for participants to form professional links and engage in discussion with colleagues from other agencies.

The overall aim of the course is to enable participants to work together effectively in safeguarding/child protection whilst maintaining an anti-discriminatory focus. It will reflect the Safeguarding Children Board agreed core content, which concentrates on providing ‘core skills’ to ‘core workers’.

Objectives: Day 1 Level 2

• Have an awareness of the “Signs of Safety” model of working in safeguarding children.
• Understand when and how information can be shared legally and professionally in order to achieve improved outcomes.
• Have an awareness of the failings identified in Serious Case Reviews and the importance of effective multi-agency working.
• Have an awareness of the legislation and guidance that informs and impacts on their safeguarding role.
• Base assessments on evidence ensuring that their own value base doesn’t impact upon judgements.
• Identify the need to be open and honest in child protection work in order to work effectively with parents.
• Consider signs, symptoms and effects of abuse.
• Explore levels of need and the thresholds that would identify a safeguarding concern.
• Understand what makes an effective referral.
• Understand the information collation and decision making process from referral to Child Protection Conference.
• Develop an awareness of agency roles and responsibilities in the child protection process.

Objectives: Day 2 Level 2 (NO LONGER APPLICABLE)

• Understand the preparation needed prior to attending a Child Protection Conference.
• Identify the key decisions to be made at a Child Protection Conference and feel confident and competent to take part in the decision making process.
• Understand the purpose and function of a Child Protection Conference so that they can share relevant information and concerns appropriately.
• Understand the role of the Conference and Review Manager.
• Understand the importance of maintaining focus on the child in order to promote his or her safety and welfare.
• Understand the purpose and function of Core Groups.
• Be able to identify ways of improving communication between agencies in order to improve multi-agency working.
• Have considered risk and protective factors and be able to include them in protection planning.
• Understand the purpose, context and detailed content of the child protection plan setting out what work needs to be done, why, when and by whom.
• Understand the purpose and function of the Child Protection Review Conference.

Target Staff
• Group 3 -7
• Professional staff from SCB agencies. Other applicants will be considered on an individual basis

Stoke-on-Trent Safeguarding Children Board Multi Agency Training Team

Please complete an application form, ensuring that it is signed by your Line manager and Agency Link Person and forward to the Safeguarding Training Administrator (contact details on the bottom of the application form).

If you are unsure who your Agency Link Person is, please click on the relevant tab on the left hand side of this page under the tab "training information".

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