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Application Process

Application Process

The aim and objectives for each course are clearly set out under each course title, together with information regarding the target audience.

  • Please copy and complete the relevant application form from the bottom of this page.
  • Ensure that your Line Manager endorses your application and signs and prints their name or forwards it electronically.
  • Forward the completed application form to the ‘Agency Link Person’ in your agency who will sign the form or forward electronically.
  • Once fully signed, forward the form to the Safeguarding Children Board Training Administrator
  • Please provisionally note the course date in your diary.
  • Please note that if the course is full when we receive your application form you will be notified of this in writing and your name will be placed on a reserve list.
  • Please note that incomplete application forms will be returned.
  • A separate application form needs to be used for every course you wish to apply for.
  • Please note that before you attend any training course you must ensure that you have received a confirmation email from the Training Administrator or Training Officer.

Please note that as the training courses are multi agency there are a limited amount of places allocated per agency. There will be no more than 24 delegates per course.

If you have any queries about the suitability of a training course, please contact your Agency Link Person or the Safeguarding Children Board Training Officer on 01782 233478.

Data Protection 

At Stoke-on-Trent Safeguarding Children Board we take your privacy seriously and will
only use your personal information to maintain the service that we provide which includes but is not exclusive to; contacting delegates booked onto training for a variety of reasons such as to inform them of the cancellation of training or a change of date or venue or distribute training material; maintain accurate training records; produce skills matrixes; obtain information relating to any type of disability you may have, to ensure that we comply with making reasonable adjustments where possible for those in attendance to training; evaluate training provision; provide quarterly reports for nominated agency representatives regarding attendance at training; ensure effective general Learning and Development and business administration; provide training records on request for current or former employees and external businesses who may have purchased training through us and wish to access their records; and for purposes required or allowed by law.

You can find information about how we handle your personal information by clicking on the Privacy notice tab to the left had side of this page or follow the link
Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why do I need to have my application form signed by multiple people?

Applicants Signature

We require a signature from the applicant to confirm that they wish to apply for the course selected and it is applicable for their job role and responsibilities.

Line Manager Signature

Your Line Manager is signing your application form to confirm that the training course is applicable for your job role and responsibilities and that they are agreeable to releasing you for training on the specified date(s). Your Line Manager’s signature is also agreeing that if you fail to attend, a non attendance charge of £100 per day will be made to your teams cost code. Your Line Manager may also want to record what training courses you have applied for, for supervision purposes or Personal Development Records.

Agency Link Signature

The Agency Link Person may need to record what training courses you have applied for. They may wish to monitor applications for statistical purposes. The Agency Link Person is also monitoring applications that come from multiple teams within the organisation, thus ensuring a fair distribution of limited places.


If for any reason you are unable to attend the training course, we would be grateful if you could inform us by email as soon as possible, this is so we can update our records.

Cancellations must be received in writing two weeks before the date of the course to allow the place to be offered to another candidate, or you will incur a £100 per day cancellation fee. This will be charged to your team/agency cost code.

It is important for you to contact the Training Officer if you wish to send a replacement. This is to ensure that allocation procedures are followed.

For further information please contact the Training Administrator or the Training Officer on 01782 231615/233478.

Attendance Monitoring and Certificates

Participants will be asked to sign a register at the start of each course. A certificate of attendance will be given to the participant at the end of the training day. Attendance records are forwarded to Agency Link Persons after each event for recording and appraisal purposes.

Please note that if any concerns are raised by a trainer about an individual on their course, a certificate will not be given out until we have investigated the matter in consultation with the individual and the individual’s Line Manager.

Course Evaluation

Course participants will be asked to complete an evaluation form at the end of each training course. Information included in the evaluation form is reviewed by the Safeguarding Children Board Training Officer and forwarded to the Training Sub Committee for further review on a regular basis. This process aims to ensure that we can amend, devise and commission training to meet individual and agency requirements.

In addition to the evaluation form given out at the end of each training session participants will be sent a Training Impact Form. This form will be distributed three months after the training session to ascertain how the training has informed their practice. This process will assist the Safeguarding Children Board to commission quality and worthwhile training that helps to inform practice in the long term.

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