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Supported Lodgings

If you have another family's child living with you or can offer a room to a young person who needs it, this is for you.

Supported lodgings is where a young person from the age of 16 up to 25 isn’t living with their parents but is living with a family friend or relative, a host family (a bit like fostering), or a foster carer who is coming to end of the foster placement due to the young persons age.

Arch (a local charity) provides support for both host adults and the young person and some support with money and maximising your benefits. Host families are paid to help with the costs of a young person living with you.

The scheme is funded by City of Stoke-on-Trent Council.  If you are a young person who is living with someone who isn’t your parent or someone who can offer a young person who is homeless a room and some support you can contact Arch on telephone 01782 683773 or 01782 208622 . They will visit you at home and develop a plan to support you.

If the child staying with you is under 16 this is called private fostering. Here it’s really important you inform Children's Social Care of this situation and they will able to support and advise you and have a duty to do this.

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