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Caring for a child or young person

child and parent/carer

Caring for children and young people can sometimes be difficult. The information on this website can help you to avoid, prevent or stop children or young people being harmed or abused.

You will find information that can help you to keep babies, children and teenagers safe, including:-

  • Information about what abuse is
  • What you should do if a child tells you they are being harmed
  • What to do if you are worried about a child and who to contact
  • Emergency contact numbers

To help you to keep babies and children safe, the following information may be useful:

  • Babysitting advice
  • Safer sleeping
  • Safety outside of the home
  • Helping young carers

To help you to keep teenagers safe, the following information may be useful:

  • Abusive relationships
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Online safety
  • Talking to your teenager
  • Young runaways

There is also support available for you as a parent or carer, for example, information about:

  • Developing parenting skills to deal with situations better
  • Helping people to address drug or alcohol use
  • Helping to control a bad temper
  • What to do if you are finding it difficult to cope
  • Private fostering – if you ask someone other than a close family member to look after your child

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