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Police CSE Report

Section D14D (Stoke-on-Trent)

Staffordshire Police CSE Information Report (The form is available on the SCB website under Procedures Section D)

Gathering Intelligence about Child Sexual Exploitation

Staffordshire Police have devised a process by which agencies, parents, carers and young people can provide information about perpetrators. This is gathered and used in situations where there may be no evidence available or the victim is either unwilling or unable to provide a police statement. This occurs in the vast majority of cases of sexual exploitation. Therefore, the opportunity to provide intelligence means the police can build a sufficient picture over a period of time and act upon it. This could potentially interrupt and disrupt criminal activity where young people are being exploited.

Information on child sexual exploitation includes details on:

  • suspects – names, nicknames, addresses, dates if birth and descriptions of suspects of CSE
  • vehicles – registration numbers, partial registration numbers, make and model, colour and distinguishing features or marks of vehicles used by suspects
  • telephones – details of phone numbers and mobile phones used by suspects and details of any text messages of phone calls made by them or to them
  • locations – details of locations where offences have taken place or suspects/victims frequent
  • offences – details of criminal offences that have not been recorded by the police either because the victim has not been identified or the victim denies them or refuses to cooperate with the police
  • date and times – that incidents occurred or suspects or vehicles seen
  • links – between suspects, vehicles, locations and young people identified at risk of CSE

The more detailed and precise the information is, the better the quality of intelligence.

The intelligence forms are not to be used for the following:

  • X  to report a crime
  • X  to pass information to the police about a crime that is already being investigated
  • X  to raise a child protection concern

Intelligence can be reported from three perspectives:

  1. disclosure by a young person at risk
  2. incident witnessed by a professional
  3. information from another person

Once completed submit the completed intelligence forms onto the child exploitation team – email address supplied on the form.

Please note – the police CSE information report is NOT a referral form.

Agencies should refer to the CSE policy document SOT Section D14 and follow the process outlined. Referrals should be made to the Safeguarding Referral Team (Stoke-on-Trent) or to the police. This form is to collect intelligence only and may then be used to assist police in building a case.

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