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F) Vulnerable CYP

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Section F Guidance for children who may be particularly vulnerable

F01     Guidance on recording incidents for private and voluntary sector   Sept 17

F02     Parenting Capacity and  Mental Health Issues   June 17

F03 a  Trafficked Children Guidance

F03 b  Trafficked Children Toolkit

F04    Safeguarding children from abroad (including child trafficking) 

           DoE - Care of unaccompanied and trafficked children 
           DoE - Safeguarding children who may have been Trafficked

F05     Number not in use

F06     Safeguarding Children in Madressahs (Click on the link below)

F07     Children of drug misusing parents           

           Drug and Alcohol Screening tool (see related files)

F08     Abuse of children with a disability

The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) have issued advice to Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) on the social care needs of children and young people who are deaf when developing or reviewing their threshold policies (Click here to view the guidance)

F09     Female Genital Mutilation Dec 2017

F10     Safeguarding Sexually Active Young People    Sept 2017

Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool (Click on the link to access the toolkit)

F11     Self Harm - or disclose intent to die by suicide

F12     Not in use

F13     Not in use

F14     CYP who display sexualised behaviour and harmful sexual behaviour

F15     Not in use

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