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D) CYP Specific Circumstances

Section D Procedures for Children and Young People in specific circumstances



Child Sexual Abuse Strategy - Joint with Staffordshire (See attached file below)

Neglect Strategy Joint Staffs / SOT (See attached file below)


LADO Managing allegations against staff and volunteers working with children and young people   June 2020 (see attached)

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  • LADO Referral Form   October 2018
  • LADO Report 2018 / 19
  • Safer Working Practice for Adults who Work with Children and Young People

West Midlands Regional safeguarding Network - Protecting children who move across local authority borders (This document is attached under Related File) UNDER REVIEW


Responding to Sexting (Youth Produced Sexual Imagery)


Complex (organised or multiple) abuse July 2018


Domestic Violence and Abuse  

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 D06 Fabricated or induced illness

Forced marriages  


Children who run away or go missing from home or care August 2018


Young Carers   June 2017


Responding to concerns about unborn children  April 2020 (also see D13)

  •  Briefing Sheet

 Private Fostering statement of purpose   May 2018

D11 A Private Fostering Guidance - Joint Staffs and Stoke-on-Trent  July 2018



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Concealed pregnancy and Birth   (see D10)


Safeguarding Children from Sexual Exploitation Procedure

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  • Child Sexual Exploitation Panel – Case Updates
  • West Midlands Children and Young People's Sexual Assault Referral Service - Slides
  • Suggested alternatives for describing behaviour around CSE concerns
  • How to make child protection medicals from 01/01/2020 telephone number has changed to 0808 1962340

 Child Neglect Good Practice and Guidance

  • D15A Neglect Threshold Matrix


 Number not in use

D17 Working with Highly Resistant, Uncooperative and Hard to Change Families

Children and Young People in Custody


Safeguarding People who are vulnerable to being drawn into Violent Extremism and / or Terrorism in Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent

Channel Panel Operating Procedure - See Extremism page

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  • Prevent National Referral Form

Protocol to reduce the prosecution of Looked After Children (Joint with Staffs/SOT)    June 2017


Guidance - Risk of Dog Bites - April 2018 












































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