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C) Man. Individual Cases

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Click on the links below to view the procedure

C01     Making a referral  

            Guidance on Making a good referral (See related files below)

C02     Undertaking Assessments and Investigations

C03     Strategy discussion

C04     No document

C05     Initial child protection conferences

C06     The child protection plan

C07     Review child protection conferences

C08     Appeals procedure

C09 MARF - Multi Agency Referral Form updated 17/08/16  (Click on the link below)

C09A MARF - For use by Staffordshire Police ONLY updated June 16  (Click on the link below)

C10     Bruises in non-mobile babies and flowchart

Click on the related flles shown below to view the following documents:

  • Record of Concern sheet
  • Home Visiting in Child Protection Cases
  • Initial Child Protection Conference report
  • Practice guidelines - Writing outcome focused plans
  • Written Agreement guidance / template
  • Risk and Resilience Tool - Children and Young People
  • Risk and Resilience Tool - Parents / Carers / Unborn
  • Guidance on Child Protection Conferences

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