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1)   Youth Crime Prevention Referral Form

The Youth Crime Prevention referral form can be used if professionals or parents/carers have concerns that a young person may become / or believe they are getting involved in anti social behvaiour or potential offending behaviour.

Any professional or parent can use the form to refer in.

It is important that parental consent is gained before a referral is made to the Youth Offending Service 

Once the referral has been accepted the young person will be allocated a worker who will undertake an assessment with them. 

The Youth Offending Service will look at developing an intervention plan . In some cases it may be identified that a referral for support services at early help is the best way forward.

2)     Police - Gang & Youth Violence Information Report Form

If you have any concerns regarding any known children involved in gang membership, their associates or any individuals you believe may be on the periphery of gang/youth violence, please complete the report form.

Please forward to a dedicated team inbox 

 Direct dial 01785 233281 or 233236

3)     NSPCC Online reporting form 

Adults who are worried a child might be at risk from being involved with gangs can contact the NSPCC helpline (0808 800 5000).

Telephone 0808 800 5000

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