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Local Picture CSE

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Local Picture

SHOCKING cases of child sexual exploitation do occasionally hit the headlines but
it remains a mostly hidden issue with victims so traumatised they never come forward.

HELP is at hand for vulnerable and defenceless girls and boys in the Potteries who are being groomed and put at risk of sexual exploitation.

It comes as a Government action planhighlights how local authorities must improve their response and raise awareness so victims are identified and supported earlier and abusers face court.

Carole Preston, the city’s Safeguarding Children Board Manager, said: “We know that resources are under huge demand but our work to set children free from sexual exploitation is a priority. We know that child sexual exploitation is not just something that happens in the bigger cities of the UK – it is happening right here in Stoke-on-Trent as Chrissie has shown by bravely agreeing to tell her story.

“The reality is that any child or young person from any social or ethnic background can be exploited. Boys and young men can be at risk as well as girls and young women.We must all be aware and watch out for the signs so fewer children suffer the tragedy of abuse, which often leaves them deeply traumatised and scarred for life.”

If you think you are at risk and want help, call Catch 22 on 01782 237106 or email

If you would like to know more about child sexual exploitation, the signs and find more contacts for help and support, go to

The signs that indicated Chrissie, 13, was in a relationship with a man

CHRISSIE was just 13 when fears grew that a 34-year-old friend of her dad was
grooming her for sex.

She was seen at his flat at all times of the night and day and always seemed to have money and gifts like make up, clothes and a mobile phone. She was often reported missing as she stayed away from home for days at a time without talking to anyone from her family.

Her school attendance was poor because she was being bullied and she had no friends her own age. She denied being in a relationship with the man but the alarm bells were ringing.

Children and Family Services at Stoke-on-Trent City Council intervened and referred Chrissie, not her real name, to the correct service – a specialised support service run by local charity for at-risk boys, girls and young people.

A  worker helped her through a six-week sexual exploitation workshop designed to help her stay safe and improve her self-esteem. She was also given advice about sexual health, alcohol and drugs.

She denied contact with the 34-year-old man but admitted he visited a family friend at the same time she was there with her father. As she moved into temporary foster care, police took action against the man when more information surfaced.

Now 15 and back home, Chrissie is fully aware of the risks and legalities of being in a relationship with an older man. Her school attendance is now almost 100 per cent. She will soon be ready to leave the  programme but will receive follow up support from school-based mentors and continued social care support for the foreseeable future.

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