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Record of Concern

Record of concern form

In serious case reviews (click here for more information) locally and nationally, record keeping is an area that is frequently raised as being something that professionals do not always do well. 

It is vitally important that that any interventions that you make are recorded:

  • in detail and accurately;
  • with a time and date; and
  • the name of the person making the intervention.

This enables a detailed chronology to made if necessary, but also is valuable evidence that can be used to make referrals.

Interventions to be recorded include:

  • any conversations staff have with a child about an incident;
  • injury or other cause for concern;
  • any conversation staff have with a parent, carer or other adult about an incident;
  • injury or other cause for concern in relation to a child; or
  • anything that staff see or hear, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time, should be recorded and passed onto the designated child protection officer. 

Remember that this information, although it may seem small, may be just one piece of information in a series of concerns that are being raised by school staff – on its own, the information is insignificant, but when considered with other concerns, it becomes a very important piece of information.

A form has been developed to help staff to record any concerns.  It is not obligatory that schools adopt this form, but schools should have some process in place to enable their staff to record concerns in a consistent way, irrespective of their role (including lunchtime supervisors, classroom assistants, teachers and visiting professionals).   Click here for the Record of Concern Form.  Feel free to insert your school name and logo and to adapt to meet the needs of your setting.

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