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Coping with your child

Worried you can't cope with your child?
Bringing up young children is not always easy and many parents struggle. Getting access to friendly, professional advice when you need it can make all the difference, as can talking to other parents with exactly the same problems or concerns as you. Remember:

  • Not all babies sleep through the night, eat as you would like them to and smile all the time.
  • Many children have behavioural or health issues that can be solved easily with the help of expert advice and support.
  • Every family is different, so you need a solution that suits your needs and problem.
  • Meeting health professionals and other parents with similar difficulties will help you to gain more confidence and support you through difficult times.

If you feel you can't cope, do something about it – there is no need for you to deal with it on your own. Get in touch with your Health Visitor, visit your local clinic or children’s centre - they're there to help.

What can health visitors do to help?
Health Visitors are there to help families who have general or specific concerns about their child's health or behaviour. You may be struggling with sleep patterns, eating problems, over-activity, tantrums or crying. Or perhaps you are finding it hard to cope with the stress of bringing up a child who has some difficulties.

Health Visitors can offer a range of solutions to help solve your problems and make parenting easier and more enjoyable. They can also signpost you to other support services.

One popular service which may be available is Baby Massage sessions. Baby Massage can help you make a very positive change in your relationship with your baby and your baby's relationship with you. By learning to massage your baby and by meeting other parents with similar difficulties, you may find your confidence in handling your baby is increased and you feel more able to discuss your anxieties openly.

Naturally, not all solutions will work for everyone. Each baby, parent, carer and family is unique. Your Health Visitors will work closely with you to find a problem-solving plan which is specially designed to suit your family's needs. You can call a Health Visitor to make an initial appointment or you can attend your local drop-in clinic.

Following this contact, you will continue to have help and support. Sometimes things work out quickly, sometimes more time and support is needed to help your family sort out your particular problem. There are many professionals who will work with you, at your pace. You will be able to discuss what your concerns are, the type of support you think you need. They will help you decide what is best for you and your family.

If you need any further information, have a look at our useful links, as they will direct you to lots of support services and tell you how to contact them.

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