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Parent alcohol/drug use

Contact details for the Stoke-on-Trent Drug and Alcohol Service are available on their website.  

Well over 1.8 million children in the UK are affected by drug and/or alcohol misuse by parents.
Drug or alcohol use is linked to problems including:

  • damage to relationships;
  • impact on family finances; and
  • not being able to provide a safe and stable environment for children or young people.

Drug or alcohol use does not automatically lead to harm but it does lead to an increased risk of harm.  Drinking or drug use might just be something you do when the kids are away or in bed. But it can begin to take over.

Firstly your children will be influenced by your behaviour - whether your answer to a problem or a crisis is to take a drink or some drugs. Things can progress to the stage that you are not taking the proper care of your children or protecting them.

Think about what your behaviour says to your children.

If you think you or some other adult in your household has a problem, then you need to seek advice or support.

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