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Is my child safe?

Most activities for children are run by enthusiastic, trustworthy people however to reassure ourselves that our children are being properly managed, here is a list of questions you might ask:

  • Is the activity properly insured?
  • Are the first aid arrangements adequate?
  • Do they have a safeguarding policy?
  • Do all the staff receive training in safeguarding?
  • Are there risk assessments for the activities?
  • Is there always more than one adult present? A very important question this, there should always be sufficient people to cope with accidents and ensure that all present have a proper relationship with the children.
  • Are the instructors properly qualified for the activities?
  • Are the children carefully supervised at the start and end of the session?
  • Is the activities lead by someone mature enough for the responsibility?
  • If you are delayed picking up your child who will look after them until you arrive?
  • If you need to be contacted how will this be done?

Not every club will meet every criteria but most should be well enough organised to be able to explain to you clearly how they will care for your child.

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