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Young Carers

Who is a Young Carer
A young carer can be defined as child or young people aged 5years to their 18th birthday who provides regular or on-going care and/or emotional support to a family member who is has an illness, disability, poor mental health, or misuses substances.

For more information, advice and to request a referral for a young carers assessment and support with your caring role , please email:  or call 01782 232200 to speak to the Young Carers Team.

Being a young carer can affect the child / young person’s education, for example:

  • They may feel they have to take time off school.
  • They may feel tired, stressed or worried about what is happening at home .
  • They may find it difficult to complete work at home or meet homework deadlines, fall behind and not want to face their teachers.
  • They may not be able to stay for after school activities.
  • They may not want to face their friends who may ask questions, or
  • They may be bullied because they are “different”.
  • Parents may not be able to attend parents’ evenings and may not always be able to provide support with their child’s education.

Sometimes, schooling gets interrupted because of the family situation or the child’s reaction to it. Do talk to your child’s school as they are aware of the issues faced by young carers.

Children and young people should not be expected to carry out inappropriate levels of caring which might adversely impact their wellbeing, their development or life chances. If you feel that your child may be taking on more of a caring role than you would like, this may make you feel upset, stressed, angry or guilty and it is important that you speak to someone and get some support. With the appropriate support in place, your child should not have to take on an inappropriate level of caring responsibility.

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